Format: Online Cohort Course
Duration: 6-weeks

Time Expectation: 90 minutes/week

Course Objectives

In this course, we offer online speech and debate coaching for kids. They will gain the skills and techniques they need to organize their thoughts and deliver ideas clearly and effectively. The content is scaffolded so students can learn the material in chunks and over the course of six weeks to be prepared to enter our Junior Scholars Tier 1 competitions. Students move progressively toward stronger understanding of 6 of the most common logical fallacies.

What You'll Learn?

  • Debate in the Real World | Learn about why debate is important!
  • Public Forum Structure & the Basics of Argumentation | Get introduced to different roles and times allotted for each speech round and begin to brainstorm and map out individual parts.
  • Case Writing | Use claim, warrant, evidence and impact to pull together an argument.
  • Weighing Mechanisms | Explore different mechanisms to learn how to compare and weigh the importance of arguments. 
  • Flowing Contentions & a Case | Learn the structure of note-taking and how to flow different parts of a speech.
  • Crossfire | Understand how asking and answering questions in a debate can help advance team arguments.

Competences Gained

Public Speaking & Persuasion, Active Listening & Note taking